2014 Special Conference Sydney - Registration Open
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Strategic Management in the Asian Century –
Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development

The growing economic power of Asia and the trans-Pacific region has created both opportunities and challenges to economic, social and governmental players around the world. Each country and market represents a different environment and context worthy of examination by strategy scholars, both because the dynamism and diversity present strategists with unmatched challenges, and because studying such contexts presents scholars with opportunities to examine development as it occurs. Fully understanding this diversity and its impact on strategic actions of the firm remain to be examined.

This conference provides a basis to assess and advance managerial frameworks and theories that guide strategy formulation and implementation and the management of strategic performance in dynamic, diverse and evolving environments of Asia and the trans-Pacific region. And, not only does this conference allow you to experience Sydney but also to take part in one or more of the supplementary satellite workshops in the region.

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