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Featured Panelists

picture of Timothy Devinney Timothy Devinney University of Leeds

picture of Shayne Gary Shayne Gary University of New South Wales

picture of Dan Lovallo Dan Lovallo University of Sydney

picture of Shabnam Mousavi Shabnam Mousavi Johns Hopkins University

picture of Sim Sitkin Sim Sitkin Duke University

Extension 2: Port Douglas (Palm Cove)
Saturday, November 29, 2014 and Sunday, November 30, 2014



Preliminary Schedule


picture of Tim Coltman Tim Coltman University of Wollongong

picture of Siggi Gudergan Siggi Gudergan University of Newcastle

picture of Nidthida Lin Nidthida Lin University of Newcastle


This workshop intends to exchange and discuss ideas around the issue of risk controlling strategies that underpin innovation in high risk environments. The session will focus on managerial perspectives towards risk and the decision making strategies used by managers during the innovation process. Attention will be given to identify any disparity between theoretic conceptions of risk and the conceptions held by executives that work in high risk environments. We seek to discuss questions such as: What strategies do managers employ to control for outcome uncertainty? When should particular tools be used to support decision making in high risk environments? Why might managers be insensitive to risk estimates based on probabilities of possible outcomes? How can we ensure that precaution does not always trump innovation and stall attempts to introduce breakthrough innovations?

Aspects that we seek to embed in our discussion to advance our understanding concerning these questions include, but are not limited to: Attitudes towards innovation and willingness to invest in innovation; Practices for dealing with risk and uncertainty; Managerial risk perception, attention and goals; Applications of multi-attribute utility theory and recognition-primed decision-making theory; Reference-dependent decision making theories and risk-taking; Schemata, biases and heuristics; Social psychological characteristics of group decision making

A registration fee of US $105 per participant will be charged to cover expenses. Please note, SMS members will receive a $20 reduction. Online registration will open in early July.

Workshop Schedule (this is tentative and subject to change)

November 30th
9:00 am
Studying Decision-making in Innovation Management

Tim Coltman

9:15 am
When are Stretch Goals a Useful Strategy to Foster Innovation under Conditions of Uncertainty?

Sim Sitkin

10:15 am
Behavioural Strategies for Selecting Innovation Projects

Dan Lovallo

11:15 am
Coffee Break
11:30 am
Roundtable Discussion, Theoretical Perspectives

Siggi Gudergan
and workshop participants

12:15 pm
1:15 pm
Simulation Modelling to Account for Risk or Uncertainty when Studying Innovation Decision-making

Shayne Gary

2:00 pm
Experimental Methods (and Psuedo Experimental Methods) to Account for Risk or Uncertainty when Studying Innovation Decision-making

Timothy Devinney

2:45 pm
Roundtable Discussion, Empirical Methods

Tim Coltman
and workshop participants

3:30 pm
Coffee Break
3:45 pm
Roundtable Discussion, Practical Impact

Alan Thorogood
and workshop participants

4:30 pm
Closing Remarks

Tim Coltman
Siggi Gudergan

Travel Information


The extension workshop will be held at Peppers Beach Club & Spa in Palm Cove (ie, between Cairns airport and Port Douglas). A number of hotel rooms are being reserved for delegates. A reduced room rate is available.

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